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Arqimov Architecture and Construction Company was founded on the idea of the collective. This holistic approach to problem-solving and design can only be achieved when all parties contribute to the design & production of a finished product, from start to finish. Our team consists of: Owners, Designers, , Contractors, Project Managers, Artists, Real Estate Agents and Builders.

As a small studio, Arqimov possesses an ability to adapt our team to form highly inclusive collaborations outside of our office, with other architects, artists and design professionals. We are built from diverse educational and cultural backgrounds which allows us to effectively identify and realize our clients’ needs & aspirations.

We seek beautiful yet, clear and concise solutions, which best reflect our clients, and improve the lives of the users. We create environments that enhance the experience of the individual while also contributing to the culture of the community in a positive way.


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holds OAA licence architect qualification and Degree in Project Management . He is a member of Ontario Association of Architecture as well as USA National Council of Architecture (NCARB). he has more than 15 years of design and construction experience in various projects including residential development, commercial and mixed-use projects. He has numbers of publications, seminar presentations. His free hand sketches have been selected by OAA in 2018

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Office Manager/Project Manager


Passionate designer in the field of Structure and Architecture. She holds a PHD in Civil Engineering and Master degree in Architecture. She is a qualified project manager with over 10 years of design and management experience. She has numbers of publications in the field of structure and bridge design. 

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